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About Me

Hi, I'm Thien Ng.

A Wedding Photographer,

8 years ago, I casually met the photography. Initially, It’s merely a matter of taste. But, Gradually I was conquered by photography.

I have 5 years experience in wedding photography. It’s not a long time but i have really lived and burned it with all my enthusiasm and youth. I hope I have a fortunate chance with you to spend the awesome moments - Let me save everything, every moments in your great occasion.

Good luck and best wish for you.

Thien Ng.

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Thanh Trà & Xuân Thứ

Mọi người biết không để có được một đám cưới hoành tráng với những chiếc váy chiếc áo đẹp, những bức ảnh xinh, những thước phim đáng nhớ là biết bao nhiêu công sức của anh chị em thầm lặng ở đằng sau giúp đỡ.
Vợ chồng chúng em xin được phép cảm ơn sâu sắc đến các anh, em từ giờ tới tận về sau này. Chúng em không biết làm sao để đền đáp cho hết, chỉ biết gửi đến các anh chị em sự tri ân này của cả 2 vợ chồng vì đã yêu thương, giúp đỡ, hỗ trợ vô cùng nhiệt tình cho chúng em những ngày qua. <3

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

Sinbad & Danny | Storytelling

How does the process work?

1. Fill out form

If you're interested to have me photograph your love story, send me a quick message via the form on my Contact page and let's start planning your session.

2. Sign Contract

Once we agree on all the details, we sign the contract and your date is officially reserved in my calendar.

3. The Big Day

We'll coordinate the plan for the entire day, to the tiniest detail. We'll agree on specific time slots to have formal portraits taken with your family, as well as just the two of you.

4. Photos & Prints

You'll get a slideshow with 30 previews 3 days after your wedding. The full photo gallery will be sent 2 months after your wedding. After that, we can confirm any prints, albums.


How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

You'll get a preview with 30 images 3 days after your wedding and the full gallery I send 2 months after your wedding.

What if we're getting married abroad?

That's absolutely fine. We can discuss logistics during our phone call and depending on the country where you're getting married.

Do you have a recommended videographer?

I actually do! We have an inhouse videographer available.

What camera are you using to work?

I'm using Leica M10-P, Leica SL-2S camera for work.